Is your lawn looking a bit dull? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there at one point. But you can be able to turn things around, all you need to do is start caring for it more and better.

To get a beautifully green lawn for all the summer picnics, you will need some tips and we have them all.

  1. Regularly mow your lawn

    Lawn mowing at least twice a week during spring, autumn and warm winters encourages the roots to spread which will help fill gaps and block out weeds. When mowing, it is important to remove only one third off the top of the grass.

  2. Weed and fertilize your lawn

    Some weeds are inevitable in most lawns. You can consider hand pruning these weeds or use a handheld weeder. Sometimes the weeds get out of control. At this point you may want to consider using herbicides such as glyphosate to relieve the weeds.

    Also, to keep your lawn looking good and healthy you need to feed it regularly by applying fertilizers to the grass.

    For weed control and fertilization it is wise to follow the manufacturers recommendation and instruction because too much of these chemicals can harm your lawn.

  3. Aeration and overseeding

    Compacted ground may prevent grass from growing, you can relieve compaction by aerating the soil. After that you can consider overseeding in the bare spots especially in early spring.

  4. Do not forget to water

    Besides feeding your lawn, it all needs water. Provide adequate moisture especially in the hot summer.

  5. Consider edging

    This is the fun part. It is the final touch up. It involves trimming off grass that may have grown into borders. Edging instantly neatens your lawn. You can then do a landscape clean up and blow off your walkways to achieve a clean satisfying appearance.

If you feel this is too much work you may want to consider hiring a professional dealing with commercial lawn care services.

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