Caring for Your Lawn During Winter

It’s almost unlikely to pay attention to your lawn during winter, but you should. Just because it’s winter, your home landscape shouldn’t be neglected.

Logically you won’t be performing tasks such as aeration and overseeding. However, you can choose to aerate and fertilize before the first freeze hits.

Your lawn may not need the fertilizer since it’s in its dormant stage, but when the warm weather starts, be sure your lawn will draw in the nutrients.

Here are three landscaping measures you can take to preserve your landscape health and appearance in the snowy season.

  • Prune the plants
    Pruning is most effective in winter, late winter to be exact since the plants are dormant. This way, your plants have a significant growth advantage when spring comes.
  • Take precautions against snow and ice
    Snow-damaged trees are more prone to diseases. To prevent this, tie up tree branches that are more susceptible to snow loads, or consider trimming down tree branches that are almost breaking.
  • Consider landscape cleanup to prevent snow mold
    Landscape cleanups are mostly done in spring and fall; however, you can also consider doing that in winter.
    Organic debris, for example, when left in your landscape until spring, can cause snow mold, which often results from cold-weather fungus acting up on organic waste.
    With snow mold damage, you may end up spending a lot of money on lawn restoration.
    Wouldn’t it be wise to have the cleanup and leaf removal in winter?

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