How Often Should I Mow My Lawn

A common way to effectively maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn is to mow. But how often should you do that? Well, a lot of factors determine the frequency to which you ought to mow.

  1. The type of grass
    The first step is to know your grass type. Do you have warm-season grass or cool-season grass? Ideally, it would help if you mowed more often in the grasses’ growing season.
    Cool-season grasses grow the most in fall and spring, and the warm-season grasses flourish in summer.
    We recommend a mowing height of 3.25″ maximum all season for optimal growth, but sometimes depending on the type of grass, the mowing height may change. For best results, consult with a pro.
  2. Make use of the one-third rule
    For the best gauge on how often you should mow, stick to the one-third rule.
    This means you’re only supposed to cut one-third of the grass blade per mow. In simple terms, before you carry out your next mow, let the height of your grass be the judge.
  3. The number of nutrients and water intake
    If you live in a dry area, your lawn won’t grow as much, but it could grow much quicker with regular watering, which means more mowing.
    It’s the same thing with nutrient intake. Additional use of fertilizer will result in high growth, which means more frequent mowing as well.

It’s important to let your turf grow, but it’s more important to mow regularly, it will keep your lawn beautiful and neat, and proper mowing helps reduce weed growth.

Here are essential mowing tips that work:

  • Always keep your mowing blades sharp
  • For best results, mow in the morning hours, that is between 8-10 a.m.
  • Remember not to mow when the grass is wet
  • If your lawn is overgrown, mow in intervals; start mowing at the highest setting of your mower, let it rest for a few days, then mow again a little lower. Do this repeatedly until you get to the optimum height recommended for your grass type.
  • Practice mulching back the grass clipping into the lawn for a higher nitrogen boost.

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